What happens during a procedure?

At JeJuve we offer bespoke aesthetic packages to our clients. Some clients wish to use fillers to reduce the appearance of aging but others come to rectify a cosmetic issue such as an uneven nose. All of our clients want the same thing, change, and at JeJuve we want to help you on journey to become the best version of yourself.

Our process begins at our initial consultation where we will discuss your suitability for the procedures, your concerns and how we can work together to come up with a plan to treat them. Once you decide to undergo a dermal filler procedure the process is generally as follows;

The treatment area is prepped and sterilised after which a local anesthetic cream is applied to the area to make the treatment as comfortable as possible.  A very small amount of dermal filler is injected into the site, and depending on the area being treated, there may be a series of injections. In most cases, the procedure will take between 15 and 30 minutes. Clients may feel a slight pinch or often nothing at all during the procedure. Discomfort is managed through the use of numbing creams and the use of select dermal filler products with anesthetic added to the formula.

Dermal Fillers are injected into the skin releasing the Hyaluronic Acid (HA) which has the effect of ‘plumping up’ the skin to reduce the visibility of the wrinkle or volumise a particular area of the skin.

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