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JeJuve offers competitive pricing on all treatments

Prices are listed per ml of product


€295 for 1/2 ml

€395 for 1ml

€600 for 2ml +

* Please note that the final cost per client varies upon the treatment area and quantity of product used


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At JeJuve we offer first class customer service. We ensure that all of our clients are fully informed and comfortable with their decision to proceed with dermal filler procedures. From the moment you get on contact with us, it is all about you. We make it our aim to ensure that from pre to post treatment, all of our clients are well informed and happy. Dermal fillers are a hugely popular, safe and massive confidence boost for the men and women who visit us. We are excited to be with you on this journey. The end results are going to be phenomenal!

Before embarking on this journey, please take a look at these carefully crafted guidelines if you are interested in the use of dermal fillers. While the advice here isn’t an exhaustive list, and your aesthetician will inform you further, but to begin, this is some great reading for those interested in treatment


To avoid dehydration and the negative effects alcohol has on our skin, it is recommended that you refrain from alcohol prior to the use of dermal fillers.

Stay hydrated. Your skins needs it.

Everyone needs their beauty sleep.

Your skin is delicate and needs to be taken care of. Prior to and after treatment, you need to focus on maintaining an excellent skincare routine.

We want you to fulfill your vision of a new and improved you! We can only do this as a team so don’t be afraid to ask questions.

It is normal for the skin at the site of the injection to react to the procedure. Expect to see some redness and swelling both immediately after the procedure and for the following few days. We encourage all clients to take it easy for a week after a procedure, no marathons, no sunbathing, just take some time to let the fillers settle and appreciate the new you.


Apply a cold compress or ice pack to the treated area to reduce swelling, redness and bruising.

It exacerbates bruising and swelling of the injection sites. We ask all clients to refrain from alcohol for a few days after a procedure.

Protect your skin. Keep it moisturised and healthy and always wear sunscreen. Sun damage is one of the leading causes of skin damage and wrinkles. As the lasting effects of dermal fillers vary for each individual we encourage all clients to follow a sensible skincare routine post treatment. This may not guarantee longer lasting effects but it’s good practice and highly recommended.

Both immediately after and for a few days following your treatment, we advise you rest your skin and avoid all damaging elements. Avoid direct sunlight when outdoors and do not sunbathe. Where possible, avoid long, hot showers and avoid high temperatures.

Walking is fine but wait a few days before you hit the treadmill. After treatment you should focus on keeping your body temperature and skin at a normal temperature. To avoid post-treatment side effects, we ask clients to avoid strenuous workouts and heightened body temperatures.

Dermal fillers are amazing, even life changing for some but together we need to take a healthy approach to your treatment. As a client, you must expect to see some redness and swelling in immediate days after a procedure. This is minimal and will fade quite quickly. The reality is dermal fillers are a temporary treatment, and as a result of this all effects are temporary. The results of dermal fillers will gradually fade from anywhere between 6 and 12 months after injection. Dermal fillers are a fantastic way to help enhance your beauty but they will not last forever, but they will give you a fuller, fresher and more youthful appearance for many months. The beauty of our fillers are they are natural and temporary and it is always possible to gradually add more product through top ups.

“ My life has changed! I look at least ten years younger. I’ve been a regular client of Michelle’s and I fully trust and 100% recommend her. She’s so professional and truthful and honestly wants everyone who sits before her to be perfect. She has helped me be beautiful again. My confidence is at an all time peak. I am just so happy with all of the work Michelle has done for me. Crow’s Feet will age you by years. This is one thing I recommend all of the older ladies to treat. The results after fillers are perfect. Thank you Michelle. Always.”

Claire B.