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JeJuve Aesthetics Ltd. Privacy Policy


At JeJuve Aesthetics Ltd, we take your right to privacy seriously and want you understand what you are consenting to when you use our website.

Our Privacy Policy is for our website and governs the privacy of the users who choose to use it. The policy outlines the different areas where user privacy is concerned and explains the way our website gathers, possesses, stores and protects your personally identifiable information.

Personally identifiable information is data which may be used to identify an individual such as a name or email address but also includes information relating to devices such as user location and IP address.



At JeJuve Aesthetics Ltd. we collect a small amount of your data for reasons which will be outlined in this Privacy Policy.

Like many web sites, we may receive general information such as your IP address when you use our website.  We receive this information in the form of a cookie.  A cookie is a text file stored on your hard drive when you visit a website. Our website uses cookies to help us to improve user experience on our website.

Our website lists our contact phone number and email address for any users who wish to contact us directly. Our website also contains a contact form. We at JeJuve Aesthetics Ltd. have made every effort to ensure that any user using our contact form will have their information sent in a safe and secure manner but we advise users to note that in using the contact form you are doing so at your own risk.

The contact form on our website requests your personally identifiable information for one purpose – future correspondence. We will use the information provided to contact you back. JeJuve Aesthetics Ltd. ensures that the data provided to us is stored securely and will never be shared with third parties. All users may amend the data provided to us or request that the data is deleted. If you wish to avail of either service, please email us at



This Policy does not apply to how external sites linked to collect or store your visitor data. The third-party services that we use on our website may collect data pertaining to your IP address and browser information if you choose to visit them using the links provided. This is not within our control so please read the Privacy Policies in place for all external websites.